Chimney Basics

A adequate chimney is required for the Sedore Furnace/Boiler or any modern wood burner to operate correctly. The chimney provides the “pull” which allows our unique combustion system to work in an efficient manner.

As to chimney guidelines, consider the following:

1. A chimney should be a minimum of 15 feet high above the Furnace/Boiler.
2. A chimney should have as few bends as possible – straight up using insulated (class A) is often best.
3. An interior chimney is much better than an exterior one, because the chimney stays warm and therefore drafts better.
4. A good chimney is as important – or possibly MORE important than your Furnace/Boiler. Most performance problems and operational concerns are related to lack of chimney draw (draft).
5. The Sedore Furnace/Boilers use a 6″ flue collar, which can be connected to a chimney of 6″ or larger ID. A chimney which is too large may cool the smoke and therefore slow the draft. Very large chimneys should be relined with 6″ stainless steel liner.

We would rather make certain that your chimney is correct before your purchase of a Sedore Furnace/Boiler, so if you have any questions or concerns regarding it, please contact us.

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