Sedore - Patented Innovation


Sedore Basics

The Sedore Multi-Fuel/Biomass stove was invented and patented by Ernest Sedore, a Canadian inventor with numerous designs and patents in many fields. Some of his more notable inventions are certain types of heavy duty snow blowers (it’s COLD in Canada) and heavy duty fork trucks. One of his most successful inventions was a new type of log slitter.

Having been raised with wood heat, Ernest was familiar with many of the common designs on the market and he felt he could do better.

He wanted a unit that would burn cleanly, as well as one that was easy to operate and refuel. This meant that his unit had to be top loading and allow the fuel at the bottom of the pile to burn efficiently while allowing new fuel to drop down into the burning area as needed. After many prototypes and failures he finally had the “Eureka” moment – Multi-Fuel/Biomass burning stove of this type need to have corrugated interior walls so that the interior combustion and air circulation would continue with any size and type of fuel – and at all stages of the fire.

This thoughtful design worked amazingly well and before long Ernest had his patents and started producing the Sedore Multi-Fuel/Biomass stoves. At first the word was spread by mouth – and it still continues that way today! Once someone sees the Sedore burn, they quickly understand that this is a Multi-Fuel/Biomass burning stove that will do the job in REAL winter weather.

Sedore USA, LLC is proud to hold patented designs and manufacturing rights, from Ernest Sedore.