How It Works

Sedore “clean burn” technology -What makes the Sedore stove operates so clean and efficiently?

The intake air is admitted through the holes in the crests of the corrugated front wall. This provides a cross draft, which makes the fuel burn only at the bottom of the firebox, or fuel load. As the fuel burns, it’s being lowered from above into the burning area. This is how such long burn times are accomplished. The heat output can be regulated from low to high; depending upon the amount of air entering the stove.

The stove will not produce creosote, unless operated with an internal stack temperature below 300 F. Internal stack temperatures should not be confused with external. Typically the internal stack temperatures will be double the measurement taken with an external thermometer.

how it worksThe Sedore Stove is continuously conditioning the fuel load above the burning portion of the front chamber, which will preheat and dry the fuel above, before it reaches the burning area.

The front and sides of the firebox do not need firebricks to prevent warping, because of the added strength corrugations’, and 5/16th inch baffle plates provide. The corrugations also provide a more efficient heat transfer, due to the increased surface area, and steel transfers heat much better than firebrick, providing a more efficient and even transfer.

The top loading feature provides easier fuel loading, no stooping or bending, and access to the firebox is visible, providing the ability to fill it completely, for extended burn times. There’s also no coals or ashes to spill on the floor, when loading the fuel. To prevent smoke escaping when the lid is opened, it’s recommended to only open the lid, when the stove needs more fuel. The Sedore will produce the same amount of heat with one piece of wood, as it will with the firebox filled. When you’re stack temperature starts to drop off, means it’s time to reload the fuel. The lid can be raised anytime, to top off the fuel load but the following procedures must be followed carefully.

Open air intake fully, and wait for 3-5 minutes. Next, lift the lid up about an inch until the lid latch stops the upward travel and hold it there. You should shortly hear the fire take off. Hold the lid in this position until all smoke has cleared the firebox, approximately 30-60 seconds. Once you’ve seen that the smoke has cleared the firebox, open the lid and place fuel into the firebox as quickly as possible. Close the lid and reset the air intake.

Adding fuel when the firebox is above half full, or more, is the most difficult time to add fuel without getting smoke escaping. When you open the lid in this situation is that the stove is suddenly getting unlimited air in to a previously controlled fire and the entire firebox of fuel will start to burn. With the lid closed the stove is taking in air through the air intake, which only provides controlled air to the bottom of the firebox containing it no higher than the air intake tubes. When the lid is opened, suddenly the fire gets unlimited air and everything in the firebox wants to burn. Again it is best not to add fuel to the stove until it runs low of fuel, but if you must top it off, follow the above procedures, and add the fuel as quickly as possible. Smoke at the time of refueling, is not an issue because there will not be an excessive amount from a low fuel load. The stove’s corrugated walls provide a means of surrounding the unburned fuel with heat and air, and pulling this mixture of smoke, steam and gasses through the hot coals, over and over until, the smoke and gasses are burned. The only escape for any smoke or gases is through the cast iron secondary ignition plate(baffle), where any remaining smoke or gasses are re-burned, by passing through the extreme temperatures’ of the ignition plate (baffle).

“This is what makes the Sedore run so clean and efficiently.”

Sedore USA 2015 stoves are made in the USA, combining high quality “laser cut, strength corrugation formed” steel, expert welding, and our best “clean burn” technology to burn “just about anything” and be totally “off the grid”.

Each new Sedore owner has our “lifetime” quality defect warranty, “daily “expense saver investment and $200 “cash” reward referral opportunities.