Sedore Canadian Biomass Stove


The “Canadian” Includes a front Logo that is a Special  Tribute to Sedore’s Canadian Heritage! Includes;Tool Kit, Touch-up Paint, Chimney Probe Thermometer, Magnetic Stove Thermometer!

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The Sedore Canadian Is a tribute Sedore’s Canadian Heritage! It features a new combustion air delivery that burns cleaner, burns substandard biomass fuels, tolerates less than adequate chimneys and outputs more heat with less fuel.

The secondary combustion is controlled by Sedore’s “Auto-Draft” and only allows what is needed to maintain efficient combustion, then closes maintaining internal temperatures.

As a result of Sedore’s efficiency we have shielded the secondary combustion chamber to reduce clearances to combustibles, changed the cast iron ignition baffle to stainless steel to withstand higher temperatures and added stainless heat transfer baffles in secondary chamber.

The Sedore has been retested and listed to; U.S. Standards: ANSI/UL 737 and ANSI/UL 1482.Canadian Standards: CAN/ULC-S627-M93
*Sedore has a variety of specialty Cook Tops to choose from stainless steel, copper, nickel plated and aluminum or just put Grandma’s favorite Skillet on the Standard Painted Top.

* Is it too cold outside? Drop in a Sedore Grille Insert and serve your guests wood fire entrees without leaving the warmth of Your Sedore.

*Add a Sedore water heating coil designed and installed specifically for your domestic hot water or hydronic heating requirements.


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Weight 460 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 36 × 42 in


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